Diana and Maggie(non-registered)
So hard to decide on ONE! But we did! It's #3 in The Green Fuse
series....the charred stump and the white trees with one limb gracefully
leaning to the right.
Diana Miller and Maggie Magee(non-registered)
We look and linger and WILL soon choose one!
So lyrical and moving.
Edgar & Ceci Short(non-registered)
Enjoyed your presentation very much last night at the ELCC. Great scheme of documenting history for future generations.
Bob Ayre(non-registered)
Dear Patricia,
I worked my way across your categories: The Green Fuse, Plant Forms, Land Forms, Rodeos, Cuba on the Cusp. When I clicked on “Search” I cant express my disappointment that there were no images. I wanted more. I can’t wait for your presentation at the ELCC.
Barbara Kres Beach(non-registered)
These photographs are eye- and soul-opening. I looked for commentary on other insights in Kenneth Clark's Looking at Pictures, and out tumbled a 1935 clipping from Magazine Digest, entitled "A Country the Artists Won't Paint." Well, proud to say, I know and admire an artist who photographs it--and even did so on a beloved piece of Virginia.
Richard Khanlian(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Patricia! Well seen and well rendered.
Jean-Marc Payot(non-registered)
Chère Patricia Gallagan,

Les portraits réalisés à la Havane entre 2011 et 2014 sont superbes.

L'exposition " Objets de désir " à la galerie Fotografika à Gland près de

Genève m'a permis de découvrir vos images qui reflétent la pertinence

et la bienveillance de votre regard sur autrui.
Roger Toll(non-registered)
Beautiful, moving, sensitive photographs, Pat. And beautiful mastery of technique. I love the way you capture the truth in each project or place you visit, from rodeo to Cuba and China, to a forest in regrowth. Thank you.
Eva (Kaplan-Leiserson) Miller(non-registered)

Your photos are just wonderful--you have such a great eye, and I love all the black and white. You've inspired me to get back to photography. I'd started learning a few years back after wanting to do it since high school (class was full), but then grad school and baby took over. I miss it--thanks for the inspiration!

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